Feb 2024 WIP

It's been a while. Not that anyone would know since i'm the only one who reads this. but hey ... i have been keping quite busy. i jus haven't taken any pictures of what i'm working on.

But here's something. I found an artist whose work really resonates with me. It's got a very "labyrinth" vibe to it. So i decided to print out the goblin chess set. I'm doing two things with it. First, an actual chess set. I'm painting the pieces bronze and pewter (along with the custom board i'll build). - no photos of this yet.

Second, i am doing just a fun paint of one of each of the pieces. Here's a snapshot of them with their faces done.

I also have done some fun little scatter-terrain pieces and one-off quick paints for our campaigns. A water elemental, some wisps, and a pumpkin patch. No pictures of that yet, but i am hoping to convince Luann to take some soon so i can do a proper post.


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