Corpse Bride

Welcome back to another post after a few months hiatus. Not to worry, dear reader. I haven't stopped painting. I just haven't taken a lot of photos recently and what good are blog posts about miniatures if there aren't any photos to show?

This amazing miniature is from the May 2024 Loot Studios bundle, "Scarlet Requiem", which is all about vampires, zombies, and various other undead creatures.

As soon as i saw this miniature in the list i knew that i had to paint it up. This is the 75mm scale version of the model. This is "Dolores, Who Lingers" - a golem construct. But i like to think of her as the Corpse Bride.

I worked with a limited color pallet, which seems very appropriate for the feel/vibe i was going for: a spooky black and white horror movie from the 1950's.

Also, ... who's blood is that? Is it hers from when she was murdered by her lover? Maybe it's the blood of her latest victim - a poor soul who tried to cheat on his wife, but was found out, and she sought revenge and summoned the bride. Either way, it adds a bold dash of color to really make the miniature pop.


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