Alice in Wonderland


As i was thinking about my next batch of miniatures, i decided it would be fun to paint a couple different Alice in Wonderland variations. I found several fun models and ultimately decided on three. I might come back and do some more in the future.

Chibi Alice

First up is "Chibi" Alice. Chibi refers to the exaggerated style with big heads and giant eyes (kind of like a bobble head). This particular sculpt is from Tanya Wiesner. You can find it here.

For this, i decided to go for a simple, cartoon style paint job with bold, solid colors. Oh that poor teddy bear. I was trying to go for a "white rabbit" look, but it just looks like a half-painted mess. I should have just gone with a nice brown. Next time...

Bad Bad Alice in Wonderland

Next there is this very dynamically posed "bad bad" alice. It's from Heroes Infinite. She's a little pretty and a little crazy.

I was very much looking forward to trying the stipes on the leggings and doing some NMM (non metallic metal) on the axe. Overall i had fun with this. The only problem was with my print - the neck came out a little wonky. It was supposed to be a collar, but it didn't print quite right and so it just ends up looking like she's got a really long face.

I also had a little fun with the airbrush and tried to give the mushrooms a glowing effect via a little bit of OSL (object source lighting).

Alice, the Maniac

And finally, there's the maniac. She looks cute and innocent from the front, but beware. She truly is a maniac once you get to know her (which you probably don't want to do!).

This sculpt is by Flesh of Gods.

My only gripe with this miniature is that the details on the face are not exaggerated enough. They look great in the renders, but when printed, it came out rather bland. I had to do my best to fake the details via the paint job (which only kind of worked since i'm still a novice, really).


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