Twin Goddess Miniatures

 Last month i was watching a painting video on YouTube which was showcasing some new brand of paint (more on that in another post). But what caught my eye were the miniatures he was using. He mentioned the name and i went searching. Twin Goddess Miniatures. They're quite well done and a slight departure from my normal, so i picked up two of them to paint.

I really need to figure out how to take better photos. These look much better in person. I'll work on that.

Holiday Goblin Pinup

Hey, it's Christmas time so i figured i'd pick a cute goblin elf. I tried some pen lines with really fine micron pens for shading the presents. Oh, and don't think it's too risque. This was the most dressed option they had. The others ranged from a little bow tied around her to nothing on at all other than a Santa hat :)

Mushroom Goblin

Another fun one. A happy little goblin druid with some mushroom minions toting her musket around. There was a weirdness with this sculpt in that the top half of her body seems "offset" from her legs. I think it was to make room for the satchel, but it does look a bit odd. 

And ... i used up all my clear coat on the last mini, so i opened a new bottle, but OOPS - this one wasn't matt, and so it's got a glossy sheen to it. Looks nice in person, but doesn't photograph very well. Time to hit the hobby store and pick up a new can of the matt coat instead.


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