Just a random story that popped into my head this afternoon. Several years ago while we were down at my parents house for Christmas, we decided to go to a place out in the desert near the Utah / Arizona border that has a bunch of American Indian petroglyphs.

Well, it just so happens that my grandparents (on my dads side) were visiting that day (Christmas or the day after, i can’t recall exactly which), and they decided to come with us. As we headed out, about a block or two away from the house, we were following my grandpa. And as we drove by this house, a basketball (or soccer ball?) came flying over the fence into the road. It looked brand new. Probably a new christmas present for the kids at that house.

Well, i don’t know whether my grandpa saw the ball or not, but he didn’t swerve, he didn’t slow down, he just kept on driving. There was a loud “POP” … and that was the end of that ball. Nobody stopped or slowed. We just kept driving along, not sure whether to laugh at the situation, or feel sad for the kids and their ball.

Now everytime i drive on that street on the way to my parents house i can’t help but remember that ball. POP


Our family was sitting around the lake.  I was probably 13 or 14 at the time.  Brad was just 5 or 6.  I think it was Strawberry Reservoir.  In any event, Brad made a cast with his pole and set it down to wait for a fish to bite.  Well, bite it did!  Suddenly his pole gets yanked and falls to the ground, and quickly dissapears into the lake!  He was quite distraught over the whole affair.  What fun is fishing when a fish has stolen your fishing pole!?

Anyway, a little while later, after he’s calmed down and the rest of us are fishing again, my mom suddenly gets a huge tug on her fishing pole.  She begins reeling in her catch, and after a few moments, what does she have on the end of her pole?  Not a fish … she’s caught Brad’s pole!  He’s excited.  We’re thinking this is pretty cool.  The guy sitting next to us is talking about how unlikely the whole situation is.  

But it gets better.  Someone (I don’t think it was Brad) reels in Brads pole.  And … yes you guessed it … the fish was still on the hook!  It was huge.  A nice big fat rainbow trout.  The guy next to us was just absolutely stunned and kept saying “If I hadn’t seen it myself I’d never believe it!”

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