Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs

It’s been a while since i posted on my blog. Mainly i’ve been using Facebook, and/or Google+ for short-form items. But this is rather interesting and a proper blog entry seemed more appropriate.

Over the Christmas break, we visited a few different petroglyph sites. This one, known as the ‘Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs’ was especially interesting because one of the murals (is that the right word?) is actually a map of the sky. You can see the explanatory image here:

If you like, you can read about it in more depth here:

And if you are ever in St. George and want to check them out, this page has good directions:

Baby G’s fairy dream

I just love it when i wake up in the morning and my little girl is sitting there in bed next to me waiting for me to wake up so she can tell me about her latest dream. She was so excited about this one she could hardly wait. As soon as i opened my eyes she jumped over and said “Dad, let me tell you about my dream!” Well, who could resist? “I was sleeping, and then i woke up and went to the little table in the living room and there were fairies all over the table and they took me to fairy land and we played and had fun. And then i came home. And you had a room with an office.” “Oh, i had an office?” “Ya. We lived in a different house. A magic house with fairies. Can we move? Let’s go to the house store today”.

Stars on Thars?

I thought I’d send out a little update on how Gwyneth is doing.  Her fever was
better Thursday morning, so we packed up and headed for St. George.  (That’s
where we are now, but we are planning to come home today — weather

Yesterday the “stars” came out.  Her tummy is covered in a
rash exactly the way the ER doc described for how roseola would look.  So I
guess the mystery is solved. 

It’s actually quite a relief to know what
was causing the fever.  Her temp hasn’t spiked again since Wednesday night, and
at this point it seems to be completely gone.  The rash doesn’t seen to be
bothering her — she’s not scratching or grabbing at it.  She is more sleepy
than normal, but maybe that’s partly from the antibiotics for the UTI.  *shrug* 
In any event she is definitely out of danger.  I guess it takes roseola about a
week to run it’s course, and it passes to others the way a cold does, so for the
greater good, we will keep her under quarantine until the middle of next week. 

Thanks for all your love and prayers.

Love, Lu

my sweet baby g

Hello all,

Let me preface this by saying that Gwyneth is ok, but I wanted
to let you know what is going on.

Tuesday night little G was running a
temp of 103, but we weren’t too concerned because tylenol and motrin were
bringing it down to 99-101.  However last night she was at 103 even on the meds,
so we took her to the insta-care.  Suspecting a rare, but not impossible,
urinary tract infection, they tried to insert a catheter to get a urine sample,
but she is so small that the tube wouldn’t go in.  (Boy was she mad about this
little procedure!)  They also drew blood (she didn’t really like that either). 
Her white blood cell count wasn’t high enough to point the finger at a bacterial
infection, so they were preparing to send us home with instructions to continue
the tylenol/motrin and keep an eye on her.  However, she felt like she was
getting hotter by the minute so I asked them to recheck her temperature before
we left.  When the nurse first checked her temp it had been at 102.8, but now it
was up to 104.7.  They gave her another dose of ibuprofen, and sent us to the

We took our turn in the waiting room, then were in admitting.  Her
temp read right around 100 – apparently the motrin was working again.  After
considerably more waiting, the doc ordered another catheter — they have smaller
sized tubes at the hospital than they did at the insta-care.   More waiting, 
catheter inserted  (she didn’t like it any more this time than she had the first
time), tiny little sample collected.  The nurses weren’t sure if the sample was
large enough, but they sent it off to the lab anyway.  Waiting, waiting, and
more waiting.  Finally the labs came back with a white cell count in her urine
of 8.  Anything more than 2 indicates a probable UTI, however they didn’t find
any bacteria in her urine.  After more waiting the doc came back in to speak
with us.  He said he was writing her a prescription for a UTI, but that the labs
didn’t indicate that the infection was bad enough to be causing a fever as high
as she had, so the fever was probably caused by a virus.  Doc said the virus
might be roseola (sp?)– causes a high fever and eventually a rash.  Or it might
be some other virus, there is really no way to know.  In any event, it is likely
contagious, so now we have to decide if we should go ahead and travel to
St.George for Thanksgiving. Scott and I were way too tired to make that decision
last night, and everyone else is still asleep this morning, so we still haven’t
decided.  The whole ordeal lasted about 5 hours last night (6-11pm).

far as Gwyneth, unless she was being poked or prodded, she never cried.  She was
her normal charming, smiling and jabbering little red-headed self.  She was a
little bored by all the waiting, but who can blame her.  She kept herself busy
by trying to steal my glasses, playing with her favorite purple plastic octopus
and eating cheerios.  Unless you measured her temperature, you would never even
know she was sick.

On a side note, there was an elder from the MTC in the
next little curtain cube at the ER with an injured ankle from playing
basketball.  The and his companion did a decent (albeit inadvertent) job of
entertaining us while we waited FOREVER for the lab results.  One elder managed
to scam a young single hospital worker out of her address and even got her to
promise to write to him.  It was really kind of impressive.  :)

Take care
and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Lu

Ellie and Gwyneth

Today was Gwyneth’s first taste of dog food.  Unfortunately,
rather than film her (like i did Alex), i decided to rescue her and get
the dogfood out of her mouth, so i’m afraid there’s no pictures.

In other news, there’s a few funny Ellie stories we can tell. 
First, a few days ago, she was going to the pool and couldn’t 
find her goggles, so she said “Go look on the computer and find out
where they are”.  She was referring to doing a google search,
since I’d told her you can find anything on the internet using google.

Second, this afternoon the ice cream truck broke down in front of our
house for about 30 minutes.  The music was still playing, and the
truck kept backfiring.  Our neighbors’ dog was going wild. 
Anyway, Ellie goes out and says to the guy “If my grandpa were here he
could fix your truck”.  Luann thinks that’s just what the poor guy
wanted to hear! (D