Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs

It’s been a while since i posted on my blog. Mainly i’ve been using Facebook, and/or Google+ for short-form items. But this is rather interesting and a proper blog entry seemed more appropriate.

Over the Christmas break, we visited a few different petroglyph sites. This one, known as the ‘Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs’ was especially interesting because one of the murals (is that the right word?) is actually a map of the sky. You can see the explanatory image here:

If you like, you can read about it in more depth here:

And if you are ever in St. George and want to check them out, this page has good directions:

Two holes are better than one

Why have just one hole in your door when you can have two?

A few months ago Ellie and Alex were fighting and a hole got punched in her door. She attempted to cover it up with a poster, but eventually it was found out. Today I was going around the house patching up a bunch of holes, and took down her posted and patched up the hole in her door. The spackle wasn’t even dry before Alex and Ellie were fighting again, and ANOTHER hole made an appearance in the very door i had just fixed.

AAARRRRGGGHHHH!! Frustration!!!!

Brookside re-opening ceremony

After about 60 years, the old Brookside elementary school was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. Yesterday was the ribbon cutting ceremony. We got there in time to get a good seat on the front row. The weather was warm but not yet hot. While we were waiting for the ceremony to start, a reporter for the Daily Herald came up and interviewed Alex about what he thought of the new school. His response? “It will be nice when the air conditioning will be right.”

Click Here for the full Daily Herald article.

After a few speeches by the principal and US Senator Chris Cannon, Ellie and a number of other students who had been invited got up and sang the school anthem. After this they went and cut the ribbon. Ellie made sure the she was front and center! :)

The 10 leopard skins

When church let out today I asked Ellie her least favorite question. “What did you learn about today in Sunday School?” … After the obligatory resistance to answering, she told me that she learned about the leopard skins. Intrigued, I asked her to tell me about these leopard skins. I hadn’t heard of it before. She was surprised (because, dad knows everything, right? lol).

Turns out that there were 10 people who were infected with a disease that made their skin fall off, and if they touched someone, they got infected with leopard skin too! :) Anyway, long story short, they asked Jesus for help, he told them to go see the priests and they would be healed. They did this, were healed and no longer had leopard skin! Sadly, only one of them came back to thank Jesus for the miracle. I did my best to not laugh as I told her that i’m sure Jesus appreciated the one leopard skinned man who came back to say thanks, because everyone (even Jesus) appreciates getting a thanks when they help someone out.

Ellie’s Room

Ellie’s room is finally (almost) done!  

A big thanks to all those who helped.

My father in law Mike who flew out here from Wisconsin to help us get everything in place so that we could run new wires and circuits anywhere in the house.  My brother in law Chris who helped rebuild our porch when it became obvious the old porch would have to come out so we could finish the wiring project.  My dad Doug, who came out after the wiring phase to help gut the old icky room and put in new framing, setup a new circuit for the room, run the wires and hang the sheetrock.  And then of course Luann for picking out all the colors and decorating things.

Here are a few photos of the room along the way.  I don’t have any pre pictures.  No one ever bothered to take any of the room before – there wasn’t much to take a picture of.  Just a dank little room with a single plug, a light switch with the wire stapled to the outside of some wallpapered particle board, a cement floor, a leaky window and lots of spiders.

Like most older homes, the power was woefully inadequate.  I made sure we had plenty  of juice.  The room now has it’s own circuit, has five plugs, a recessed overhead light, and tracklighting.  It’s got a heater vent (it didn’t have any heat before!), and also a state of the art (expensive) “green” window to keep out the moisture and spiders.  We also have it wired for cable and phone just in case.

Things yet to do: Replace the door (we have it purchased; just not attached), add crown molding (also purchased, just waiting for a saw to make the correct cuts), and add some old-style crates to the wall for shelf space.

Ellie and Gwyneth

Today was Gwyneth’s first taste of dog food.  Unfortunately,
rather than film her (like i did Alex), i decided to rescue her and get
the dogfood out of her mouth, so i’m afraid there’s no pictures.

In other news, there’s a few funny Ellie stories we can tell. 
First, a few days ago, she was going to the pool and couldn’t 
find her goggles, so she said “Go look on the computer and find out
where they are”.  She was referring to doing a google search,
since I’d told her you can find anything on the internet using google.

Second, this afternoon the ice cream truck broke down in front of our
house for about 30 minutes.  The music was still playing, and the
truck kept backfiring.  Our neighbors’ dog was going wild. 
Anyway, Ellie goes out and says to the guy “If my grandpa were here he
could fix your truck”.  Luann thinks that’s just what the poor guy
wanted to hear! (D

Kids Disneyland Trip

In February of this year grandma and grandpa Hawker took Alex and Ellie
on a trip to Disneyland.  They plan to do it for each of their
grandkids when they get around 7 or 8 years old. 

Obviously the kids had a blast.  Several months later they still talk about it often.

Click Here for the photo gallery.

Dads Aren’t Cool

Yesterday as I was driving home there was a guy in front of me going
about 5 MPH.  He was driving me crazy.  Finally I just yelled
out “MOVE OVER DUDE”.  Immediately Ellie said “Dad, you can’t say
dude.”  I asked her why not … “Because you’re not cool”.

I guess i’m not cool ]).  I asked her what I was.  She said
“you’re funny and you’re dad, but you can’t be cool”.  Oh
well.  Guess I’ll have to pick up the pieces and move on with my
life, now that I know i’m not cool!