Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs

It’s been a while since i posted on my blog. Mainly i’ve been using Facebook, and/or Google+ for short-form items. But this is rather interesting and a proper blog entry seemed more appropriate.

Over the Christmas break, we visited a few different petroglyph sites. This one, known as the ‘Anasazi Ridge Petroglyphs’ was especially interesting because one of the murals (is that the right word?) is actually a map of the sky. You can see the explanatory image here:

If you like, you can read about it in more depth here:

And if you are ever in St. George and want to check them out, this page has good directions:

Michael Jackson – a thrilling story

I was passing out vitamins to the kids. Andrea and Gwyneth share what color they got. Purple, Pink! As i’m putting the bottle away, Andrea asks what happens if you take two vitamins. Is it bad? Well … probably taking two won’t do any harm, but i don’t tell her that. Have to teach the kids that overdosing on pills is bad, right? So i tell her it might make her sick, and that if she takes too many she could die.

“Just like Michael Jackson”, says Gwyneth. What’s that? “Mom and i were watching a show where they talked about that”. Hmm, news to me, but hey – maybe? So anyway, out of the blue Andrea asks, “Is Michael Jackson a zombie?”

I take a moment as i compose myself. “Why yes, as a matter of fact. There’s a video of him when he turned into a zombie. Do you want to watch it?” “YES”. Queue Thriller.

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'alls neighborhood

Later (after watching it two or three times), Luann comes home and the girls jump up and down. “Did you know Michael Jackson is a zombie? And he’s in a video where all the actors turn into zombies too! Do you want to watch it with us?”

The ‘kiddies’

This afternoon i stayed home from church with my youngest who was sick. Her two older sisters went by themselves. After church was over, i left to pick them up. As i was leaving, she asked me where i was headed. ‘To pick up the kiddies’ i said. Well, she gets a big smile and goes “ooooohh, how many are you getting? Can i have one in my room?”. Obviously thinking i’d said “kitties”. Well .. who am i to dash a young girls dreams? I said sure, i’ll let of the kiddies sleep in her room. I didn’t tell her it would be her cute little redheaded sister…

A few minutes later i arrived home with the kiddies in tow. Cute little girl – rather than be all said and disappointed (apparently she did nothing but talk about the new kittens while i was gone), she goes “ahhhh DDAAAAAD, you tricked me!”, with a big smile. Which naturally was the reaction i was hoping for :)

Alex’s Dish Collection

I went to turn off the light in Alex’s bedroom this morning after he left for school, and couldn’t help but notice the large amount of dishes scattered around his room. Some were on the floor, some were in his bed, and i suspect there’s a few more hidden underneath all those piles of .. whatever .. that he’s got all over his room.

It’s a lovely collection though. And what’s even better: right after i snapped this picture so i could preserve his wonderful collection for future generations, i heard this “crunch, crunch”, and looked over to see my 2yo daughter eating the rest of the lucky charms left over in the bowl. EWWWW.

Andrea is growing fast

Luann had this idea to take a picture of Andrea next to a softball every so often.  Here’s a composite image showing her at 2 weeks, 1 month, and 2 months.  Wow – look at her grow!  (oh, and isn’t Luann a genius?) <3

Go Andrea, Go!

[from an email dated 12 May 2006]:

Hello, everyone.

First let me say thank you for all of the well wishes
and prayers on our behalf.  We have felt a lot of strength and comfort from all
of you.  It’s so good to be loved.  :)

Now for this week’s short version

The amniotic fluid measured 10.4 on Tuesday, and 11.2 today. 
That’s a steady increase over the past week, and is welcome news!  Also, both
non-stress tests came back very well.  As far as the my lab tests to check for a
CMV infection during the pregnancy, the results didn’t yield numbers that
offered a definitive answer.  So we are still doing the “wait and see” thing.

Now for the long version….

This was a long week with lots of
runs to medical appointments.  I had blood drawn on Monday, NST (non-stress
test) on Tuesday, a visit with my OB on Thursday, and a chat with the
perinatologist and another NST today.  It’s a good thing I’m on bed rest or all
this appointments might wear me out!

The big question of the week was
“What will the labs tell us about CMV?”.  There are two parts to the blood work
I had done.  One part of the test checks for the virus in my blood.  In other
words, it looks for a current infection.  The other part of the test looks for
CMV antibodies in my blood, indicating whether or not I’ve had a CMV infection
in the past.  The tests done 3 weeks ago, then again this time both showed no
current infection, but the presence of antibodies indicates that I have had it
sometime in the past.  However, the count of CMV antibodies in my blood was kind
of high, leading the perinotogist to suspect that I may have just finished
fighting off a recent infection.  She wanted to run the exact same test again to
see if the count of CMV antibodies was dropping.  A drop in number would be
additional evidence that the infection may have been more recent, or during the
pregnancy.  The first test put the antibody count at about 13.  The second test
put the count at about 11.  There is a drop, but not enough of a drop to draw
any conclusions.  If the number had dropped to 5, for example, that would give
cause for a more definitive “yes, I recently had CMV”.  But as it is, I may or
may not have had recently.  If I’m still pregnant in 4 weeks or so, we may do
the blood test again.  But, more than likely I will have delivered her by then.

I’ve also done a lot of reading and studying on CMV this week.  Here is
a really good web page that explains a lot about it:

  What Everyone Should
Know About CMV

As I’ve said before, there are a wide range of
possible prognosis for babies with congenital CMV.  Her small head size is still
a concern and is one possible complication of CMV.  On the up side, there is
nothing on the ultrasound to indicate that Andrea will have some of the more
severe problems, but there is a lot that can’t be determined until after she is
born.  I also found it very encouraging  when the perinatologist told me today
that upon examining the results from Andrea’s NST, they don’t look like the
tests of a baby that has suffered damage to the central nervous system.  The
NSTs look very healthy. 

We are, of course, hoping that she doesn’t have
CMV at all, but even if she does, it looks like she may be in relatively good
shape.  Keep in mind that it is still a very likely possibility that there is
nothing wrong at all and that she is just small because I have small babies.

That’s it for now.  I hope this finds all of you well.  Take