Random snippets of my life

Watching the auroras during a night of skywatching in Wisconsin while visiting my in-laws. Beautiful, green/white slowly undulating waves of electromagnetism in the sky.

Watching the sun set next to the lake while camping up Provo canyon with Luann and some of her clients (from the developmental center). There was a large oncoming storm and a shimmering yellow/orange wall – droplets of fire – rapidly approaching us from the west.

Driving home late one night on State Street in Orem when a storm rolled in and gobbled up the mountains. One moment you could see them, the next moment a giant “nothing” quickly engulfed them in a rolling, boiling mass of dark stormclouds.

Walking down a street in Florida on my mission. Dry as a bone, hot, humid. 3 feet in front of me – the sidewalk is soaked and the rain is pouring down. I stay where i am and remain dry for a few minutes before whipping out the umbrella and braving the storm.

Seeing the rings of Saturn and the cloud bands of Jupiter for the first time in my telescope.

Watching flames dance in the air 30+ feet high as they engulf the trees on the mountain-side a few miles to the east of our house.

The mesmerizingly deep blue and perfectly crystal clear pools next to the big lake in Yellowstone.

Seeing a tuft of curly red hair as my 3rd is born.

Taking a tour of a “proper castle ruin” (Rhaglan) in the UK countryside while taking a break from a business trip.

Driving in and out of a thick fogbank that goes on for hours as we’re driving home from St. George. Trees covered in ice crystals. Ghostly shapes fleeting by just out of sight.

On a family road trip, stopping off at Mt. Rushmore. On the self-guided walkway there’s a small offshoot which leads to a rock with a hole in it. Looking up through the hole the sky is clear and blue and all you see, framed by a rough-hewn black oval of the rock, is the face of George Washington, hundreds of feet up and larger than life.

Looking out the window of an airplane while the family is flying out to Washington/Oregan (job interview with HP i think?). Seeing the wind blowing across the top of Mt. Hood leaving a billowing snow trail thousands of feet long.

Wandering the mountainsides in Northern Utah with my dad on a deer hunting trip when we hear something big moving in the trees nearby. Being startled at just how huge a full grown moose really is when you’re standing 10 feet away.

Thanking God for the extra protection affording a hard working missionary as he’s walking along a muddy road in rural Florida when a 6 foot gator suddenly rushes out of the bushes right by your feet and slithers into the swampy stream next to the road.

A birthday party at our old condo with lots of family and friends around (is it Alex’s 1st?). Walking into the kitchen to grab something, looking up and being stunned by the beautiful girl who’s profile i’m seeing. Her name is Luann.

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  1. You never told me about the alligator. It is probably better I didn’t know. I love reading your blog. (at least the ones I understand…)

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