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With nanowrimo coming up soon, the following article’s tips on how to kick start your writing are very timely. It’s only about a page long, so go read it. But in summary (in case the article goes away someday as articles tend to do in this crazy medium), here are the highlights:

Write nothing but headlines.
Sometimes the thought of writing an in-depth article is too much for your brain to deal with after a long day (or at the start of one). Spend 15 or 30 minutes just churning out headlines …
Write ‘crap’ without feeling guilty.
… Professional writers write even when nothing but crap comes out because they know that it’s part of the journey to getting the real gems. …
Schedule regular time and show up, even if you think you can’t write.
Sometimes your brain will freeze, your motivation will leave you, … When you show up, you’re subconsciously telling yourself that you’re serious about writing … and that sets you up for a win.
Write about how you solved a problem.
People like stories; it’s just how we’re wired. The good news is, you’re already good at telling stories because you do it all the time in everyday conversation. …
Edit older articles.
Go through your previous blog entries and make them better. …
Type out other people’s articles.
This may sound odd, but it can get your gears unstuck. … It’s like a warm-up walk before you start running. …

Some good advice. I want to write, but never quite seem to find the motivation to do so. I’ve got time. I usually have a spare hour or three in the evenings after everyone is asleep. Perhaps scheduling 30 minutes every night will work for me — even if i don’t write anything but crappy headlines or edit old blog entries. :) It’s a start, right?

Oh yes, and the original article is here

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  1. Some good old fantasy of course. Actually i’ve got an idea for an interesting (i think) mixture of scifi/fantasy.

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